Our Portfolio NewsJuly 16, 2020by Pavel0GemmaCert Pinpoints Potency and Composition of Cannabis Throughout Supply Chain


GemmaCert announced today that it has added new features to its flagship analytical product and can now determine the composition and potency of cannabis throughout the entire supply chain: from the initial plant harvest up through the raw extraction that occurs right before the cannabis is turned into a useable product. GemmaCert is a life sciences company advancing solutions to determine the potency and quality of cannabis and hemp.

The company uses a nondestructive technology that employs advanced spectrometry, image analysis and machine learning. GemmaCert’s leading analytical device offers a reliable and accurate breakdown of the amount of THC and CBD content during the cannabis production process, starting with the cannabis plant’s dry flower buds, through their conversion into biomass and finally after the cannabis has been extracted in crude (raw) form from the biomass.




Read more here : http://https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/gemmacert-pinpoints-potency-and-composition-of-cannabis-throughout-supply-chain-301094968.html


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