GemmaCert Releases New Water Activity Analysis

Water activity is critical to food and pharmaceutical safety for predicting the growth of bacteria, yeasts, molds, and more. Products, including cannabis, are safer to transport and store at lower water activity levels.

Water activity features as part of cannabis regulations in legalized markets, yet recent studies have shown an 80% failure rate in mold testing in dispensaries. By depending on late-stage, pass/fail testing, cannabis businesses risk lost crops and profits.

With the new Water Activity Analysis feature, GemmaCert users worldwide can determine if their product is safe for transport and storage. GemmaCert is the only solution on the market capable of real-time water activity analysis of whole flowers, which is essential for accurate results. Other solutions require sample preparation before analysis, such as by grinding, which leads to water loss and misrepresentation of actual water activity levels.

With more and more patients and consumers entering the market, it is important to adopt more effective methods to assess contamination threats to ensure consumer health and confidence, said GemmaCert’s CEO Dr. Guy Setton. We’re excited to launch the Water Activity Analysis to help cannabis professionals ensure that their cannabis is safe and of the highest quality.


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