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A passionate adventurer, writer and father, Philip Lhamsuren has been roaming the ‘abandoned roads’ of the world since 1997. Last year, he set off alone from the westernmost portion of the Brazilian highlands, right at the border with Venezuela, at the upper course of the Rio Negro. This is the highest point of the Amazon jungle, reaching up to 3,000 metres. Neo believes the Amazon is one of the planet’s most precious corners. So we decided to help Philip start his journey.

He crossed 2,483 kilometres on foot, by canoe and bike. After reaching the southernmost point of this route, the Bolivian border, he cut diagonally to the northeast, heading toward the northernmost point of the journey and final goal close to another border – that of French Guiana. This was 5,000 kilometres of rainforest, rivers and mountains without once leaving the boundaries of Амazonia Legal. From there, he got to the mounth of the world’s greatest river and wet basin.

Why did he do this? He told me once, “reaching a destination means nothing unless you reach out to yourself”. Well, I said, make sure you take good pictures along the way. We should show the world again what we are about to lose. Our children have the right to see it. Not just because it is green. It inspired artists and adventurers. Don’t you think?amazon1


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