As a project manager Gal helps implementing the work-stream associated with the start-up projects.

With 6+ experience in digital products and project management and 30+ websites, applications and digital platforms behind her back, she is the person in charge to bring together business, technology, and user experience. Gal is an all-around team player with extensive experience in business and software project management, client communication and process management.

Part of her experience as a project manager includes development and building of the unique visual experiences for high profile projects but she also like to get her hands dirty on technical stuff. Gal has been instrumental in utilising traditional and new technologies to deliver disruptive innovation and hacking growth with smart integration of third party resources (APIs, open source solutions, crowd engagement). As a stickler for details, she has been responsible for getting all priority tasks done, on time and to budget, to ensure that the project meets business and user needs. Gal’s practical and agile approach is all about being responsive and interactive to get what’s essential done as soon as possible.

Through her engagement with start-ups, particularly through her 4 years of experience in one of the top Bulgarian digital agencies, Gal has developed entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to create sustainable business solutions along with indepth experience of meeting the demands of entrepreneurs from different industries around the world.